Heart Recording Instructions

*Please note, our keepsake teddy bear contains small parts and is not suitable for children under 3 years of age. The keepsake teddy bear is intended for display purposes only.



1. On your recording heart device, remove the plastic tab from the switch.

2. Flick the switch to ‘R’ to start recording.

3. When a red light appears, press and hold down the heart to record the audio into the microphone.

4. Once you have finished recording, flick the switch to ‘P’ to save and playback your recording.

5. Squeeze the heart to hear the recorded audio.

6. To re-record the audio, repeat steps 2-4.

7. You can now place the recording heart device back into your keepsake bear.

8. Enjoy hearing the heartbeat recording every time you hug or squeeze the bear.



1. Record the baby’s heartbeat for the full 10 seconds available.

2. To avoid losing the audio, make sure you back up the recording onto a separate device.

3. You may also like to tape over the switch, to prevent the overriding of your original recording.



The heartbeat recording is not recoverable if you choose to re-record the audio.