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Bringing Honey to life with the sound of your heart.

Made from the softest plush, Honey is a heartbeat recording teddy bear which plays back the sound of your unborn baby’s heartbeat with every squeeze! Named after its favourite food, Honey is the sweetest bear who has the biggest heart. Fluffy, cuddly, and friendly, Honey gives out the most comforting and warmest hugs. Your unborn child’s heartbeat is safe with Honey. Honey comes with a simple, easy-to-use 10-second heartbeat recording module.

You may choose to record the heartbeat while at your ultrasound appointment or through a recording you have saved in your electronic device. Once recorded, the module fits snugly inside Honey through a safe Velcro attachment and plays back the recording whenever you give Honey a hug.

Honey features detailed embroidery of the Honey Baby Collection logo on Honey’s paw pad. The nose and the eyes are also embroidered, ensuring the time spent with Honey is always comforting and safe. Honey is the ideal gift idea for expectant parents and their extended families as well as for work colleagues going on maternity leave.

Honey will be an excellent addition to any nursery as well as baby and toddler spaces and is an adorable presence at special occasions such as baby showers and gender revel parties! One of the greatest joys of pregnancy is sharing the gender of the baby with your loved ones.

Honey can be spruced up with either the gender reveal blue bow tie or with the pink tutu set to introduce your baby boy or girl!

Each Honey is unique and packaged

From our corrugated boxes to our draw-string bags, each have carefully designed. Watch our video here!

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Stitched nose & eyes

Honey has no button nose or eyes, so it's safe for your little ones to play.

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Australian packaged

Each Honey is packaged and inspected right here, in Australia.

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Unique heart

Your Honey is unique as you bring it to life with your baby's heartbeat.

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