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High quality, well presented, absolutely love!!!

We love these cards, they make the perfect gift for your friends celebrating thier pregnancy, they are high quality, well presented and make each week real as when you go to the fruit and veg department to eat healthy, you can compare your bubba and it makes shopping fun!

Australian Designed

Pregnancy Milestone Cards

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New Fruit/Vegetable each week

Honey Baby Collection’s Pregnancy Milestone Cards is a unique set of high-quality milestone cards spanning the gestation period from week 6 to 40, offering a whimsical insight into fetal development.

Each double-sided card shows an image of a fruit or a vegetable on one side and on the other, provides a relative comparison of the foetus size to either a fruit or a vegetable depending on the stage of the pregnancy.

Also printed on each card is a curious yet playful quote depicting insights into the stage of fetal development and the estimated size of the fetus in centimetres.

These nifty details are fantastic conversation starters about pregnancy with your loved ones, including children. The children will not only learn more about their future sibling’s development in a simple, easy-to-understand terms, they will also learn about the unfamiliar names of fruits and vegetables.

The playful illustration on these high-quality cards are perfect for sharing on social media. The information on the cards also offers excellent reference if you keep a pregnancy diary or a photo journal!

Designed, printed, and packaged in Australia, these high-quality and durable cards are excellent gift ideas for your loved ones.

A wooden block holder with a cut groove is included with the purchase of the milestone cards. The groove allows the placement of individual card on the wooden block holder which can be displayed on a nightstand, tallboy or surfaces at play spaces and also functions as a decorative item for special occasions such as baby showers and gender reveal parties.  

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Want to see what our cards look like? Have a watch of our video and see the quality for yourself.

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High Quality Art

Each fruit, vegetable, paper, packaging and stand was thought through carefully to bring the best quality available. There is no milestone cards that is this unique.

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Learn the size of your baby as you progress along with your pregnancy.

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Australian, Unique 

Designed, printed and packaged in Australia, supporting local businesses.

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